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Bound together by fate Chapter 2
By: Black_ShadowGX

Disclamour: I do not own F-Zero, or any of its characters, Nintendo proudly owns this great series.

The Caged Rebellious Soul

"Another boring day at the palace" She thought to herself, as she lay in her bed. A young woman, with long brownish red hair, dressed in Arabian princess clothing colored red and pink, her name was Princia Ramode, princess of the Desert Kingdom of Planet Magica.  Her eyes shifted to look around, the lovely decorated room. Fine silk draped her bed, servants awaiting her command, seemingly infinite money, her father buying her objects of affection. But even with all the luxuries the universe could offer, she still felt trapped. She was never allowed to interact with the outside world. Her father, while loving was also very strict. He always seemed to be watching her like a hawk. But like any other mischievous young woman, she always found a way to sneak out to explore beyond the castle boundaries.

"Princia, your father wishes to see you" a servant said beyond her bedroom door. Sighing and shifting out of her bed, she began to walk to her door. Her regular height was 5'10" but with her high heeled boots she seemed 6'2". The palace's corridors resembled something out of Arabian Nights, well actually the entire Desert Kingdom of planet Magica, was something out of that tale. This was not the only planet to be a single culturally influenced society. in the year 2201, when space travel became a popular means of public transport, several races of humans traveled to different planets to settle down on. Going to show that no matter what, humans always have a burning desire to hate one another, even enough to move worlds away from each other.

"Wonder why he wants to see me about now?" she wondered though it was something she was going to hate. Usually he would place her in classes to teach her how to be more ladylike, not a good combination if your a tomboy. Or sometimes he would have her meet with a young man of noble status, in hopes of her falling for him, "same type of guy just different name and face" she thought to herself, sighing deeply. As she was approaching her father's throne room, she could hear another individual speaking to her father. The sound of the man's voice was sickening, she often wondered how her father could associate himself with this man. Slowly she opened the the large, golden trimmed door to the throne room. "Father you wanted to see me?" she asked as she walked through the door, as she thought the Famous Mogul Head was there, Don Genie.

"Princia, glad to see you up, its a beautiful day, you shouldn't be spending the day in bed" said her father, King Ramode. He was a tall man, very tall around 6'10", and in very top physical condition. He was wearing a traditional Magican outfit, White Baggy pants with a royal red sash wrapped around his waist. Some grayish leather shoes, with a royal red vest draped over his chest and shoulders. He often kept himself trimmed up, so he had no facial hair, but he did let his hair grow out some, having it tied in a small ponytail, his hair shared the same color as hers. "Well with nothing to do, what do you expect me to do?" she replied giving her father a soft smile. "Well, there's your privates tutors you have to see in a little while" he said. "I meant something interesting" she sighed. Her father and Don Genie chuckled at her reaction.

Don Genie was a very large man, while he was equal with her father in height, he was however very fat. When Princia first saw him as a young child, she wondered if he was gonna explode whenever he ate. Don Genie styled his hair back into what one could call a wing style, he also wore a monocle over his scarred right eye, his suit was a black and white lined business suit, decorated in fine Jewels such as rubies, sapphires, & emeralds. He was also often seen with a solid gold cane decorated with diamonds. He was certainly a fat cat living a very wealthy life. But however Princia's skin always seemed to crawl whenever she got around this man, he always had a friendly demeanor towards her father whenever he was over. Her instinct told her otherwise about him, he had dark secrets.

"Princia is growing up to be a fine woman, King Ramode, I wouldn't be worried about her staying in bed, I'd be more worried about young men that'll be gunning for her affection." Don Genie stated.  Princia felt sick after hearing that. "You don't have to worry about that Don Genie, those young men will have to get by me first to see my daughter" replied King Ramode. "Same old story, same old guy father always approves". She thought to herself. "At least you don't have her interacting with those common folk, beyond those castle walls" stated Don Genie. "Would be a shame to see the heir to the throne of Magica, tainted by those lowly creatures" "Whats wrong with normal people?" Princia snapped. Don Genie gave an evil smile. "Trust me young Princia, normal people and even worse poor folk, will instantly hate you for being who you are. You'll earn their hate just for being alive and living the life you have. Some may even try to take your life, its best for you not to interact with those pathetic beings." Princia just stared back at him, emotionless. She didn't want to believe him, but even though he was very form with his explanation.

"Princia" her father said. "Don Genie is correct, in fact many have tried to take his life just because of his status in life" She then remembered the scar over Don's right eye, Don's right hand's index finger ran down the scar. "I was born into the slums, however unlike those beasts I decided to fight and claw my way out of those crummy living conditions and made myself into the most wealthy and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Needless to say many didn't like my success." Princia knew of Don's story of how he moved up from being born poor into state he is in today, however she felt there wasn't something right with his story, she just didn't completely trust his word.

Soon afterward she left her father and Don Genie to handle their business, Don wasn't someone she liked that's for sure, but he's someone you would rather have on your side then against you. "Princia, your machine is finished" A young maid said to her. "Excellent, now I just got to get prepared to leave" replied Princia. "Are you sure you want to do this?" asked the woman. "Yes, I'm sure. I know of my father's intentions of keeping me safe, away from harm, but I feel trapped in here. I know he loves me, however I need to have some experience out in the real world in order for me to truly grow, even if its dangerous." The servant nodded and walked away. Princia closed her eyes and thought to herself. "Please father, Let Me Live."

Next Chapter: High Stakes in Mute City
Chapter 2 is finally up, Hopefully its up to people's expectations.

Hope you guys enjoy this.
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NanoZero07 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009
An enjoyable read. Going to the next.
BlackShadowGX Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
NanoZero07 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
You're welcome.
BlackSabbath370 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
The way so far that i can tell, your story line is kinda' like heroes. A story to every character before they all interact with one another.
BlackShadowGX Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009
thanks, but truth be told I've never watched heroes cause I actually don't watch much TV anyways.

Glad you like it.
falconfire Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
The wait was worth it. :) Don Genie sure is a creepy guy.
BlackShadowGX Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
Thanks, I kindof gunned for that, Don Genie would probably be abit creepy around women.

Deathborn will be making a brief cameo in Phoenix's chapter.
falconfire Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2008
I bet. Can't wait to read Phoenix's chapter. Should be very good. :D
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